Exercise 5: spelling 'e' (sometimes 'ee'), unstressed

This sound is used in words like we (we), de (the) and maken (make).


This sound is often used in Dutch words. For instance, all the non-stressed personal pronouns use this sound: we (we), je (you), me (me), etc., most verb endings and many plural forms. This sound is comparable to the sound ‘e’ in the British English word ‘the’, but is somewhat different. Start saying this sound. Then raise your tongue a little bit and, subsequently, close your mouth a little bit more. It may feel a little firmer than the British English unstressed sound ‘e’ in the word ‘the’. Furthermore, you should keep the ‘pitch’ low (this means a sound is 'unstressed').

Now you should be able to pronounce the sound e.

! Please note that the word een (a/an) also has this sound, and not the sound in exercise 3.

Practise the following words:

  1. een
  2. ze
  3. zieke
  4. weten

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