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Exercise 4: spelling 'ee' or 'e' (when followed by an ‘r’, ‘l’ or 'uw')

This sound is used in words like veer (feather), veel (much/many/a lot) and leren (learn).


The pronunciation of this sound differs from exercise 3, although the spelling is the same. It is not a diphthong, so there is no movement of the tongue or mouth. Start saying the ‘i’ in the British English word ‘lip’. Then prolong this sound a little. 

Now you should be able to pronounce the sound ee.

Practise the following words:

  1. meer
  2. keel
  3. keren
  4. sneeuw

Practise the following sentences:

  1. Kees leert hier vaak.
  2. Peer geeft Klaas niets.

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