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Improve your Dutch Pronunciation

Many people have difficulty learning Dutch. They struggle with the pronunciation of sounds like ui and eu. Improve your Dutch pronunciation with this new practical approach to learning and improving Dutch sounds. You will be able to master your Dutch pronunciation!

Improve your Dutch pronunciation online

I've been helping foreign people to master their Dutch pronunciation for 15 years. This knowledge and experience has been combined into an online course that you can follow in your own time, at your own pace, from your own location.

Easy to master, just do the online exercises

Note that this is not a grammar course but focuses only on pronunciation. You really don't need to have an aptitude for languages to be able to pronounce Dutch sounds in a correct way. You simply have to know how to pronounce them. This course is different from other pronunciation courses in that it describes the position of mouth and tongue when saying a sound, combined with pictures and the possibility to listen to the correct sound.

Improve your Dutch Pronunciation now! Click on your desired course, choose your subscription to access the audio files for 30 days, 3 months or 6 months, depending on your pace of learning.


Make your life in The Netherlands easier...

Having a good pronunciation will make life easier in the Netherlands, more than using correct grammar. Dutch people will stop asking you "sorry?" and no longer switch to English right away. You will finally be able to communicate in Dutch with a Dutch person.

In short:

✔ Improve your Dutch by improving your pronunciation
✔ Custom made for your language
✔ 10 exercises with audio files to practise at your own pace.
Including PDF for convenient offline practice

Improve your Dutch Pronunciation now!