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Exercise 1: spelling 'h'

This sound is used in words like hallo (hello), haar (her) and behalve (except).


French speakers do not normally pronounce the h. However, in Dutch (and English) the h is pronounced. First start sighing a few times. When doing this your may notice that you are not making any sound. In order to pronounce the h you can start sighing again, but this time using 'sound' right from the start. It means that now you should feel vibration when you touch your throat with your finger. You can practise this further by sighing alternately without and with sound.

Afterwards, it is advisable to use another (vowel) sound in combination with the h: he (picture 1) and ha (picture 2). Make sure you use sound right from the start.

Now you should be able to pronounce the sound h.

Practise the following words:

  1. hap
  2. hen
  3. hekken
  4. behang

nl4fr en ex1aPronounce: he 

nl4fr en ex1bPronounce: ha